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The Kingdom of Cambodia

Cambodia. It may be a harsh country with a still-recent raw past, but it’s filled with some of the most amazing...

The Magic of Myanmar

Myanmar is an untouched country, for now. It’s like taking a step into a time machine going back 50 years or more....

A Sea of Motorbikes – Hanoi Traffic

Getting around town is crazy intense. Criss-crossing, zig-zagging, every which way you can imagine, a chaotic scene for someone observing the...

Shanghai Street Life

I’ve recently been playing a game almost every other day now for about a month. I sit on the second floor...

Cat Ba Island Getaway

Getting from Hanoi to Cat Ba Island is super convenient. We were able to catch a train from Long Bien station...

Exploring Osaka & Nara Prefecture

With around 19 million people and as the 2nd largest city in Japan, Osaka was quite the experience. I flew in...


Split Apple Rock – Tokangawhā

Off the northern coast of the S. Island of New Zealand is Tokangawhā aka Split Apple Rock, a geological rock formation in Tasman Bay....

How the Journey App Helps Make Writing a Habit

I'm writing this from the Journey app. It's great for all kinds of writing. Keeping track of detailed moments by writing down thoughts is...

5 Takeaways From the F.I.R.E. Movement (Retirement Optional)

FIRE stands for “Financial Independence Retire Early. In case ya’ didn’t know, the community (r/financialindependence) on Reddit has over 634K Members as of writing...

Ever Feel Like You Were Born in the Wrong Country?

If like me, you were born in America, or another developed country, you come from an inherently privileged position. You have plenty of personal...

A Camper’s Guide to the Great Outdoors

With so many of us getting caught up in the hustle and bustle of modern-day life, sometimes an escape into the wilderness is all...

Top 4 Affordable Housing Options for an Alternative Lifestyle

If you feel like the cost of your housing is exorbitantly high, or just eating up an unfair portion of your paycheck every week,...


Teaching English

A Little Bit of Miscommunication

I’m reminded of this one time I was in a small town called Moganshan outside of Hangzhou. I went with the family of...

Sh*t My Students Say

I tutored a little 1st-grade Chinese girl for a year in Shanghai. She went to a nice bilingual school and I helped...

Language Moments

My first year teaching English in Shanghai seems so long ago. The chaos of 40 kids early in the morning screaming and...