We’re staying at Golden Bay Holiday Park. Yesterday, we went into town (Takaka) to check out a hospice shop (op shop) and we were super lucky to have spotted a tent, a metal pot, and a grate with a handle which was great (pun intended) to use for our BBQ beach cookout later that night. We set up the tent and luckily all the poles came with. A sticker saying “comes as is” and for $10 I had my doubts. I was able to set up the hammock by attaching one end to a tree and the other to the roof rack of the car, to hang out.

morning blue sky beach driftwood
Morning on the beach

So now that everything was set up, all that was next to do was prep all the food we bought at the Fresh Choice supermarket.

I like how here they’re big on reusing cardboard boxes so when you’re checking out at the grocery stores they’ll have an area where you can just pick one out to load up all your stuff. We got white top mushrooms, minced garlic, butter, cucumber, red bell pepper, shrimp, kumara, coconut flour for damper and fish, lemons and bamboo skewers.

dead tree wood dragon
Some dragon art along the beach

Just next to our campsite the beach has a perfect spot where a lot of dry driftwood piles up.

Charred pieces can be found from previous fires. I dug a hole, cleared the area, and proceeded to fill the spot with the driest wood I could find considering it rained the other day.

campfire on beach
Campfire on the beach

We made our way down to the beach with all the stuff we’d need for the cookout.

Large logs were placed around the fire to use as benches and one wooden slab was the go-to portable table. Embers formed and we wrapped the kumara in foil, placed it in the ember pit, and let it cook for an hour. We cooked kebabs on bamboo skewers, coconut damper, and fish with lemon, salt & pepper. In the end, we cut open the kumara and ate with butter for dessert. Perfect!

As the sun went down the sky turned purple, pink, orange, then pitch black.

The temperature dropped but we stayed warm. Heat radiating from the fire. The entire beach was silent besides the waves crashing. A billion stars came out and the Milky Way Galaxy could be seen overhead.


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