Last night I took a final run around the river. Crossing the walking bridge next to our hotel you can spot people unwinding. Fishing, sitting and eating, kissing and cuddling, salsa dancing, children in mini 4 wheelers and scooters with parents controlling them with remotes.

It’s lively at night and the river tour boats all lit up going up and down is an entrancing view, especially with the dragon bridge off in the distance. As I ran I ended up on the bridge and stopped and the color of the dragons back changed from blue to Golden yellow.

At the head of the Dragon Bridge tons of people gathered for the fire show.

Every weekend the dragon spits fire for about 5 to 10 minutes starting at 9 pm. They close off the entrance to the bridge so people can line the side of the bridge and lay on the motorbikes, gather on the side of the bridge and take photos of the spectacle. Young teens skateboard, children oOoOo and aaahhh, screams of excitement and joy.

You can feel the heat from the flames and each breath is exhilarating.

After the fire show ends, it’s capped off by a stream of water being sprayed from the mouth as people shriek and play in the rain, some holding umbrellas. The show is over and people start to scatter off. But the mood is light and happy. I took my breather and ran back around to finish off my last 5k and night in Danang.

The entire stretch of road leading to Hoi An is filled with high-end hotels, gated and walled off from the outside. Which I find ironic because on the walls there are signs and banners advertising cultural experiences and connecting with locals.

One sign said, “life is better with sandy toes”. Totally agree and I’m looking forward to Hoi An. But first, we’re going to check out Marble Mountain. Located just 15 minutes north of Danang, the place has tons of marble shops on the side of the road leading up to the mountain. Hawkers left and right peddling souvenirs, jade Buddhas, marble made beads, bracelets.

I found a place to park the motorbike and Bella and I opted to walk up the stairs to the entrance…should have taken the lift…

An elevator ticket can be bought, but we decided to get the exercise. At the top were tons of statues of dragons poking out, a large white Buddha statue, a temple, and tons of marble sculptures. We made our way down and found a cave entrance. Incense sticks were lit and the smoke filled the air. Rays of sunlight hit the smoke and gave the place an ancient feeling. We entered the cool and damp cave and were awestruck. A large hole in the ceiling. Sunlight hitting a small temple and highlighting the structure. Tourists snapping pics and taking in the sights.

We made our way out and walked along the streets outside to check out all the massive marble statues being sold.

It was strange to me since it seemed like there weren’t any price tags, but I guess if you’re in the market for a large lion statue you know the price beforehand. Every business in the area was in the marble selling market and competition must be high. I sat under the shade of palm tree and an old lady cut a coconut open with a machete for me. Ice cold and a nice end to a hot day checking out the mountain. Well worth the trip. Now to motorbike back to Fivitel.


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